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Student of music at UWSP, pursuing music literature and composition. Here you will find mostly music, works of art that catch my eye, maybe more.

"I usually solve problems by letting them devour me."
franz kafka (via mercyforthegreedy)
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Anonymous asked: are you satisfied?


Satisfied as far as what?  School, life, or music?  Overall, I am not satisfied with any of that right now.  This has been a disappointing year even though I’ve been through some good times.  It was going to be “my year” as it were but due to my own inhibitions and laziness I haven’t made it all it could have been.

Bitter has been my demeanor these past few weeks.

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Anonymous asked: What is going on in your life these days?


Everything and nothing.  Does that make sense?  I have three different papers to finish by the end of the semester and yet I am not making progress on any.

I hope that the end of the semester will bring more composition than I’ve been able to get to, so that’s what keeps me going.  What is going on with your life, anon?

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Gÿorgy Kurtág

Juliane Banse, soprano
András Keller, violin

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"Agonies in bed towards morning. Saw only solution in jumping out of the window."
Franz Kafka, from Diaries  (via gloomo)

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